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Importance of Social Networks for Small Business


You could have lived out of the online social world happily if your business needed no customers or there existed no social media. But that’s not the case. A business cannot exist without customers and customers actively participate in the online social world. They seek reviews and recommendations from their peers in their social circles and their buying decisions are significantly influenced by them.

You want it or not, like it or not, they will talk about you, about the experience they’ve had with you. Giving a great experience is not the only solution. Be there, listen to them, if they have a concern, you must address it. If they are appreciating you, share the story with others too.

There are a lot of reasons why it is a must of small business to get online and be socially active. Here are a few of them -

Social Community Influences Buying Decisions Significantly

People spend a lot of time on Twitter, Facebook and a lot of other social platforms. They search, read and watch what others are buying and from where they are buying. They seek reviews of theirs social connections and online communities before making a purchase decision.

You don’t have to be only present online, but even penetrate in these social circles in order to become a part of them. If they don’t know about your awesome products, they won’t refer you to others. Be there!

The Cheapest Mode of Marketing

You don’t have to spend big bucks to be there. Start your community with free Business profiles / pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and the likes. Connect with your audience. Share your work. It all begins from there.

In the next phase, you may adopt promotional means too. Start with a small budgets to promote your business online. It’s cheaper than putting out those billboards across the city and much more effective.

Use the virality provided by these social networks to get free publicity. When a happy customer posts a thank note on your Business Page, their circle gets to know about you and how awesome your business is. You reach them free and more effectively than the traditional modes of advertising.

Platform to Engage and Interact Directly with Your Fans and Customers

Don’t we already know that it’s all about long term relationships with your customers? The best way to be in direct touch with your customers is to be where they are and communicate directly with them. The social networks of today provide a very convenient platform for business to reach out directly to their fans and customers. The greater the engagement, the better the relationship.

It’s not as complicated as it may sound. Be honest and think customer first!

Three Important Reasons Why Your Business Needs Online Presence

The world is growing fast. Online world is growing even faster. With the advent of social media and sleek mobile devices like smartphones & tablets, people spend a lot of time on the Internet, stay connected with their friends and families and follow their interests. This makes online presence a must for every business across the globe.

Here are the three important reasons why your business needs to get online:

1. Go Where Your Customers Are

May be you don’t have an online business model and it’s a total brick and mortar game. But, your customers are there on the Internet, participating in the social world, and sharing their experiences about your business with a very large audience.

Your customers must know where they can reach you online. At the least, a website with a contact form and link to your social profiles is a must. They’d remember your dot-com-website and feel more confident when they see you having an online identity of your business.

2. Your Prospective Customers Are Looking For You

There are prospective customers who are looking for you, but they can’t find you because you don’t exist in the online world. Go out there, shout it to the whole world and tell them about your awesome products and great customer service.

Always remember, if you won’t reach them, others will.

3. If You Won’t Be There, Your Competition Will Still Be

And probably will eat up your market! In countries like India customers are becoming tech savvy and aware, and so are the businesses. From small retail shops to schools, everyone is going online. If you still choose to remain only in the brick and mortar world, in some time, the online business will steal your customers not just in the online world, but even those who have been a regular to your local shop.

Getting online doesn’t need huge investment. It just needs a mindset and will to grow your business further on the internet.

Net My Store Platform Update – B 0.4

Your online shop at Net My Store just got better with new features and apps! We have updated the platform with a lot of new features and tuned it to give you even superior performance.

Some of the features added in this update are:

Shipping App

Comes with shipping charge calculation options, supports free shipping and waivers.

Google Analytics

Add Google Analytics to your online store and track users and your store performance.

Theme Updates

All themes have been updated to support the new features.

Store Manager

Store Manager has been updated and new applications added.

Try it for yourself and let us know your feedback.

Don’t have an online store? checkout a demo store here –

You can start your own online store only for Rs 499 per month at –

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us anytime – +91.810.935.8989

New FREE eCommerce Store Theme: Simplistic I

We have just published a new theme to the Net My Store Theme Bank. The new theme is titled ‘Simplistic I’ for it’s simple and light weight implementation. It is a modern ecommerce theme and it gives a very refreshing look to your online store.

Live Demo:

Here are some snapshots:



Net My Store (beta) goes LIVE!

The year 2011 has been awesome. We did a lot of good work, launched new stores and crossed international borders with new sign-ups. But the best came as a parting gift from 2011 when the Net My Store application is released for public (beta) on December 21, 2011.

Net My Store (beta) is Live Now!

Yeah, so Net My Store (beta) is Live now! – What does that really mean?

That means, now anyone who wants to start an online ecommerce store can visit and sign-up for a new store there itself. A quick wizard helps in sign-up and initial store setup, which usually takes just 10 – 15 minutes. Once the process is over, the user gets further instructions about accessing Store Manager and configuring the new store. That’s it!

To know more about Net My Store, here are some quick links -

Net My Store – Features

We posted some articles previously describing about the features as they are added to the Net My Store platform. A brief list of features is also available on the application website here. We will keep you posted as new features are added to the Net My Store application.

Net My Store – Pricing

The Net My Store subscription goes as low as INR 499 / USD 11.99 per month. The various subscription packs and pricing details are available here. A subscription package can be bought by paying via PayPal™ subscriptions. The Indian citizens can also pay by cheque / DD / online fund transfer.

Net My Store – Demo

If you would like to get the hang of how it works, some of the live stores and sample stores are listed here. In case you wish to try out the Store Manager and see for yourself how it works, please ask us.

Net My Store – Online Help

Our registered subscribers can access the online help to manage their online stores. Our support team is also available round-the-clock, should you need our help. Please feel free to ask.


As usual, we are very keen to have your feedback, and the wish-list, so please let us know! :)

Net My Store platform update – B 0.3

Last month, Nov 24th, we released yet another update for the Net My Store platform which brought us another step closer to the Net My Store public beta release.

This release included a lot of new features and themes. Here is a brief update about what’s new and what’s changed in this update -

Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) Application

The SKU – Stock Keeping Unit application helps in assigning a unique code to each of the items such as an item-code or UPC. This helps in better stock and order management.

Cash On Delivery (COD) Application

The new COD – Cash on Delivery / Collect on Delivery application enables a store to allow offline payments or post-delivery payments. When Cash On Delivery application is installed and activated, the shoppers get an option to make payment on delivery. This application can be enabled along with other payment gateway applications too, like – PayPal. In such a case, the shopper will get all of the enabled payment options and will be able to make a choice for the payment of his order.


Now stores can configure the timezone they prefer to operate in. This helps in viewing all data and transactions with respect to the selected timezone. Same timezone is used to display information to the shoppers also.


The platform has been updated to enable better currency support. The currency selection also takes care of the payment gateway integration and thus automatically limits to the currency choice supported by your selected payment gateway. Also, while changing store currency, bulk item-price update is supported on the basis of provided currency conversion rate.

Brands – On / off

Previously brands were enabled by themes and depending on the theme they could be viewed or remain hidden. So, if a store did not use brands, they were forced to use only such a theme which didn’t display brands. This behavior has been changed now and the Brands as a feature can now be turned on or off from the Store Manager. Now all themes support brand and the behavior is controlled as per the Store Manager setting.

Lightbox – view full size item image

Lightbox support has been added to all of the themes to display full size version of item image (on demand) rather than depending on theme for the maximum image size. Now the full size version of the item image is supported by all themes.

Orders Application Update

The Store Manager and shopper’s (web) order history / order details user interface has been updated to present information in a better way. This helps in easy management

Shopper Application Update

The Shopper application has been updated to provide better user management features.


Many new themes have been added to the theme bank. Existing themes have been updated to support light-box, brand and currency changes.

Online Help

Online help has been created to assist in managing store using Store Manager. The help can be accessed from your Net My Store account or click here to open online help.


And there have been several other performance improvements and issue fixes in the Store Manager and web platform.

Do let us know your experience and what you would want to see in the coming releases.

Looking forward to your comments and feedback!

Wish you a great business!

The desperategambler’s podcast

Net My Store platform update – B 0.2

Yes, here it is. We have been working on some of the most important features of the Net My Store platform to empower your stores with the true ecommerce capabilities. That is what this release brings to you.

In a nutshell, the new features are -

  • App Store: A miniature app store right inside your Store Manager, choose your apps and enhance your store the way you want and whenever you want.
  • USER app: Allow your store visitors to register on your store and maintain their profiles.
  • ECOM app: Start taking online orders on your store with the complete order management built in your Store Manager.
  • PAYPAL Payments app: Now your shoppers can pay for their online orders right from your store via PayPal. There is now no reason for any delays.
  • Shopping Cart: A sleek, robust and feature rich shopping cart, custom made for your store.
  • Shopper Xperience: Even if you change your theme, or store layout, or your store completely, your shoppers don’t have to re-learn how-it-works on your online store. It always remains the same.
  • Easy Checkout: An easy checkout flow to enable your shoppers to have a swift checkout and order completion without any inconvenience.
  • New Themes: A few more themes have been added in our Theme bank. This is just the beginning.


That’s all for now. I shall post more details on these items in the coming days. Meanwhile, if you’d like to know more or would like to try a demo, just drop us an email – info[at]

Net My Store Platform Update–B 0.1

Today we have updated the Net My Store platform to bring in a lot of improvements, which includes new features, bug fixes and performance improvements.

Some of the coolest features added in this release are:

Facebook Connector and Like Widget

Once you switch on the Facebook connector from the Store Manager, the Facebook Like widget appears for all of the products and users can now ‘Like’ your products on your very own web store. This activity is also automatically published to their wall and activity feed on the Facebook which is available to all of their friends as well. And your product gets the reach like never before, quick and fast, we call it Viral!

The Facebook Connector - active on an online store
[The connector - active on an online store]

Post published on the wall when a user ‘likes’ a product on a web store [Post published on the wall when a user ‘likes’ a product on a web store]

Custom Pages

One of the best features in this update is ‘Custom Pages’. Net My Store – Custom Pages enable you to add your own pages to your web store. This means that apart from the ready to use web pages that come along with your online store, you can add your own web pages too. As many as you want!

No programming knowledge is required for creating your own web pages because the Net My Store – Store Manager comes with an inbuilt Page Editor which makes creating your custom web pages as easy as writing an email. Custom pages automatically pick up the look and feel of the web store and look like other pages of your web store.

Custom Page Editor
[Custom Page Settings]

Custom Page Editor
[Custom Page Editor]

Sample Custom Page
[Sample Custom Page]

Integrated Product Search

Now users can easily search the products they are looking for on your web store. The Search works across all your products, brands and categories and brings up the relevant product results. This improves the over all user experience on your web store and helps your visitors in quickly locating what they are looking for.

Search Widget

[Search Widget]

Search Results [Search Results]

Store Manager Updates

Store Manager has a lot of new feature updates like search, real time theme updates, Facebook connector, more settings, custom page editor, catalogue builder etc.

Managing your online store has never been easier!

We hope that the new additions will be very useful for your online business.

Awaiting your feedback. :)

We have a Christmas Gift for your business

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas! :)

Wow! vacations have started and this is the best time of the year! While you are busy gifting your loved ones, we have managed to convince Santa to have some gift for your business as well.

Yeah! That’s true. A gift for your business! To claim your gift, visit our Facebook page and checkout the details.

You just got more reasons to celebrate this Christmas. :)



Keep the party on ~ while we take care of your stores. Always Online!

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