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Net My Store – Frequently Asked Questions

Net My Store - Online Stores Made Easy

What is Net My Store?

Net My Store is a cloud application to Create and Run Online Stores without writing any code or hiring software developers to build your store. Net My Store is a do-it-yourself styled application and all you have to do is just click and configure.

How much does an Online Shop cost on Net My Store?

The annual subscription of Net My Store comes at a price of Rs.499 per month (i.e. Rs.5988 per year). There are, also, monthly and half yearly subscriptions available. Find all about Net My Store Pricing and Packages here –

What are the basic features included in a Net My Store Subscription?

All subscriptions come with same set of features, which includes:

  • Products – upload unlimited Products with image, description, price etc..
  • Catalog – create Catalog with unlimited Categories and Sub-Categories.
  • Pages – add unlimited pages to your online store.
  • Themes – change your store theme anytime from available free themes.
  • Custom Domain – use your domain name for your online store.
  • Apps – every store comes with inbuilt apps which can be installed and uninstalled anytime from within the store itself. Use only what you need. Presently there are only Free Apps, there will also be Premium (paid) Apps added to the app store in future. Apps which are free today will always remain free for your store.
  • Shopping Cart – your store comes with an inbuilt shopping cart so that customers can shop on your store and place orders online.
  • Online Payments PayPal Express Payments are available by default and if you don’t use PayPal, you could use any online payment gateway of your choice also, we provide the integration free of cost.
  • Cash on Delivery – all online stores support Cash on Delivery payment option as well. You could turn on or off this feature as per your need.
  • Google Analytics – you could plug in Google Analytics in your store to keep a track of your online visitors and store performance.
  • Store Management – all stores come with a Store Manager application which helps you in maintaining your store and managing your customers (shoppers) and orders.

Find out all about features here –

New features are automatically made available for your store, without you worrying about the upgrades. That’s the fun!

Who can use Net My Store?

Anyone! Anyone who wants to sell or showcase their products online. Could be a professional retailer or hobbyist, housewives, students, small businesses, startups or enterprises.

Will I be able to take online orders on my store?

Yes! Everything is inbuilt from shopping cart to order management.

Do you support Online Payments?

Yes! PayPal Express Payments come out of the box while we can plug in any Payment Gateway of your choice for you. Ask us.

Do you have Themes?

Yes! You can select and change themes yourself from the Store Manager application provided with your store. We keep on adding new themes.

Can I get an Exclusive Custom Theme for my Online Shop?

Absolutely! However, this is a premium feature and is available at a nominal price. We build a new theme as per your requirement exclusively for you. No one else gets access to that. The pricing depends on the level of customization needed, which is evaluated and told before we build a custom theme for you.

Got more questions? Leave a comment and let us know!

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